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    Since jailbreaking my I4 my son wants to jailbreak his iPod touch but I'm not sure which generation it is, it's deffinetly not the new one that just came out recently. How can I tell which one it is so that I know which jailbreak software to use? He is running os 4.1. Thanks

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    11-08-10 09:31 PM
  2. Yell0w's Avatar
    straight from apple support forums

    iPod touch (2nd generation) is model A1288, and iPod touch (3rd generation) is model A1318.
    11-08-10 10:47 PM
  3. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I believe Greenpois0n will jailbreak either one.
    11-11-10 05:36 PM
  4. dcraig7's Avatar
    if its 2g use redsnow, it can put multitasking and wallpaper options preloaded when you jailbreak if it's a 2g.
    11-13-10 09:04 PM
  5. ManikBhai's Avatar
    Yes the are the same screen size. The only difference on the screen of the iPhone is that it has a line on the top of the phone to hear conversation when you choose to talk on the phone listening to it with your ear, and the iPod Touch doesn't.
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    11-16-10 05:55 AM
  6. bbsadaj's Avatar
    The 8gb is the 2g the others are the 3g

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    11-16-10 06:56 AM
  7. SCrid2000's Avatar
    bbsadaj, wasn't there a 16gb version of both the 2g and 3g?
    11-19-10 05:35 PM