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    on every previous phone that I had, when I sent a text message a check mark would appear next to the message meaning that it was successfully sent. And when their deviced RECEIVED it, not necessarily OPENED it, a "D" would appear next to the check mark indicating that the message had successfully been delivered.

    is there a app or a way to get this like the other phones from verizon
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    04-08-11 10:45 AM
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    It's more of something that the carrier has to turn on no matter the messaging app. If enough people complain to Verizon, they'll add the feature to the iPhone.
    04-08-11 04:58 PM
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    You can jailbreak it and download an app called iRealSMS. It uses the deliver and send checkmarks for SMS, and it's better than the built in SMS app.

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    04-08-11 11:35 PM
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    If there weren't any errors then it at least made it to their phone.
    04-09-11 01:46 AM