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    Hey Everyone

    I bought the BB FM Visor last year in which I have got it's money worth out of it. Even after picking up the iphone 4 it works great for a FM transmitter.

    This past weekend Best Buy (Canada) had a sale on the "Universal Play & Charger Solution" for the iphone/ipod. Geek Squad Universal Play & Charge Solution for iPod Car Install Kit (GSC70A) - In Store Only : Installation Kits - Best Buy Canada . My car gets the device installed on January 2nd so I have some time to do some research and see if this is the right solution.

    Has anyone had any experience with this device yet? I have only read good things on it but yet to hear it in person. The device uses a direct FM channel. So when installing, you disconnect the antenna, plug the antenna into the device, and then plug the device into the factory stereo. The installers also installs a switch that allows you use your radio or the direct channel 87.9 for the iphone. The other positive is that it also charges the device while connected.

    The only thing that I can see being a problem is the fact that I am losing my hand's free Blue tooth (which I have with the BB Visor; the visor picks up my voice and plays the audio through it or the radio). So for anyone who has the best buy car kit installed in their car, can you set the iphone to speaker phone and will you get the same results? Or does anyone have another device that they are using?
    12-20-10 11:59 PM