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    Hello, I'm italian . I will come to London the next Jan, for more then one year.

    What is the best tariff to pair with my unlocked iPhone (I couldn't see O2 site from Italy)?

    I'd like to have in the tariff free web surfing and mail.

    11-26-09 08:50 PM
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    Hey there. It's really up to you if your phone's unlocked.
    I doubt very much if you're only just coming to the UK that you'll be able to get a contract sim, so you'll probably be limited to payg.
    Some people claim Orange's 3G network is better than O2's, but if you're mainly in the city I doubt you'll have a problem either way.
    Best bet is to speak to the network when you get here as you'll need their internet/mms settings etc.
    Good luck

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    11-27-09 09:04 AM
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    11-27-09 09:17 AM