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    Hi all. I am a BB user and have never used any other kind of phone. I am pretty good at upgrading the OS, installing aps and modifying and can follow directions pretty well. My coworker is getting the iphone4 and I am going to buy his 3G 16GB for $100 which I thought is a great deal since his phone is in excellent condition. I have been reading and reading and am getting more confused so I have some questions and need some help. Can you help me out and/or direct me to some appropriate threads...here's my main questions.

    The iphone is currently active on AT&T. I am on tmo. I need to jailbreak it, right? Do I have to unlock it too? Can I do both myself? What is the best place to read up on this that has clear, easy to follow directions.

    Do I have to take the AT&T SIM card out? Should I tell him to get a new SIM for his new phone or does it already come with one.

    I saw the sticky about getting the iphone to work on the BB plan, does it really work? (I want to keep my cheap BB plan because I am going to get the new slider when it comes out)

    Thanks a bunch for steering me in the right direction.
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    Yes, the iPhone does have to be jailbroken and unlocked to work on tmo: unlocking iphone 3g - Google Search

    The sim card can be taken out, but he won't need it as most AT&T iPhone 4 come with a new one already, such as the MicroSIM pre-installed ready for activation.

    And iPhone will work on a BB plan as far as data, so with tmo you will probably get a regular data package with it, though it will only be stuck on EDGE, and not tmo's 3G bands.
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    I have ((had) on a BB now) a 3G and while its a super phone, I think you should be warned, unlocking it and JBing it is NOT permanent, if it is not "factory unlocked" every time you update it you have to unlock it again, thats if the baseband unlock has been discovered. Secondly at present there is NO unlock for baseband 5.12.01 supposedly its been discovered but eventually Apple is going to lock it all down. If you dont like messing with the inside of your phone DO NOT BUY AN ATT iPhone, jbing while in my experience simple and straight forward, there are bricks out there.

    Also, JBing an iPhone in my experience makes the phone super finicky, my GPS as well as some of my friends who JB'ed rarely worked, I had a crash at least once a week (which is more my fault, I put some really intensive things on that phone) but it does ruin the over all stability no matter what way you look at it.

    As for TMO, you wont be able to use their 3G which sort of blows because edge on the iPhone is intolerably slow unlike on BB's thanks to RIMs back room magic.

    Anyway best of luck to you.

    Let me know if I can answer anything else.
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    Thank you both. I've avoided the iPhone because I'm a hardcore BB user. I am going to buy it, attempt to jailbreak it, try it out but I am definitely going to go with the new BB 9800 whenever it comes out. I figure when I'm done and if I don't totally destroy it, I will give it to one of my family members who have dumb phones and would love it for browsing and storing pics.

    Thanks a ton for the info. I'm sure I'll be back on here when I actually get my hands on the phone.
    06-16-10 12:07 AM
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    No problem man, best of luck to you

    By the way if you dont mind me asking, ive been thinking of going to TMO presently I live in NYC and im with ATT but my contract is up in a couple of months and im just not loving the ATT service in general. I was wondering what TMO is like in your area and in general, also if I can prepay unlimited with the BB.

    06-16-10 12:16 AM
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    I am very pleased with tmo. I am on an unlimited everything & grandfathered in so I have a great deal. I've heard lots of grumbling about tmo service in NY - I have had no issues. TMO changed their plans, they have an even more and even more plus plans. Even more plus is no contract 79.99 individual with unlimited calls, text and blackberry service. No deal on phones tho. So it's not prepaid but it is no contract. They do have prepaid but it does not look like it includes BB service although I've heard otherwise. Metro PCS and Boost offers prepaid BB plans. You can go to boostberry.com and buy a BB cheaper than Boost would charge. Hope this helps/.
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