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    Yes I know this is crackberry but I'm more comfortable positing threads on here and I know there's many iPhone users on here (more than likely in the US waiting on the z10 like myself). And another question my sergeant asked me to research for him on my spare time.

    1st.) Lately my phones been acting weird it vibrates randomly as if I'm switching the sound profile. And I noticed if I just rub the left side of my phone it does the same thing. Is this normal or do I have a malfunctioning device?

    2nd.) this weekend we were out on the field and we were trying to preserve battery since we had limited energy. And he noticed his phone dying super quick he has a tmobile Samsung galaxy SIII. We closed all the apps and it still kept draining did hard resets and it still kept dying we watched it go from 93% to 87 in a minute. Any trouble shooting ideas? Or any known bugs that can be resolved?
    03-05-13 08:43 PM
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    2) Does he have power saving mode enabled? It's one of the options in the notifications pull down screen. Also, if he doesn't have screen brightness set to auto, that can eat up a lot of battery too. The downside of that is outdoors, if it's bright and sunny, you'd want the screen at full brightness.

    Another possible reason could've been bad mobile coverage.
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    03-05-13 09:06 PM
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    for 2) go to battery on the settings screen and see what appp takes up the most percentage, usually its the screen being on as its so large so definitely uncheck the auto brightness as Raino advises and lock the screen when not using it so its not wasting battery, also make sure widgets, notification refreshes and auto update apps are set to off (playstore updates) and turn off data connection and wifi - only turn it back on to check messages at intervals. my best friend has an s3 and he brags about it lasting two days so im not sure if your Sargents phone has a bad battery, has a lot of refreshing widgets/apps or my friends falsely bragging about s3 phone life lol

    as for the iphone its not normal, my iphone 4 never used to do that and i dont know any reason why it would be intentional for them to make the phone vibrate when you rub the left side.
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    03-05-13 11:48 PM

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