09-25-11 12:32 PM
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    Haha thanks for the laughs everyone! You loyal iPhone users sure do love defending your beloved iToy on the webs number 1 BlackBerry site. If you're all so loyal then WTF you doing here? Doesn't sound so loyal to me...

    BTW, my 9930 boots up in under a minute

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    Defending what? You made and extremely idiotic comment. Did you not expect someone to say something? If I was still using a BB as my main device and I saw a comment like that I would think the same of you.

    Under a minute? That's great. It took till 2011 to hit the 60 second marker. Congratulations.
    09-25-11 01:57 AM
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    Told this guy more then once some of us own blackberry's like me. Check my current devices. I own a Bionic (not an iPhone) and 9930. Others posting here are former blackberry users. They're loyal to the site can you comprehend that.

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    09-25-11 08:03 AM
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    I think most of you forget that most people here are an exception to your mother or any other non tech person. If the first phone they bought was an iphone they will stick with it just because they had to figure that out and don't want to have to figure something new out. Can be said for all platforms I think.

    So unlike you these other people don't know how to use another OS. That doesn't mean it would be hard for them to figure out either.
    09-25-11 08:18 AM
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    There are too many times when otherwise respectable members indulge in juvenile provocation. This is one of those occasions where the combatants have disgraced themselves. The thread will remain closed, and the offending messages will remain on display for others to see the performance which has earned a short break from the forums for:

    Others came close to joining them. Cut it out and clean your acts.
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    09-25-11 12:32 PM
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