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    So here is the dilema,

    I'm using iphone for work and I have all the email addresses and telephone numbers saved on the iphone. I'm only synchronizing emails and not contacts. I add them manually as I have a new person to add.

    Most of my contacts have 3 numbers, work, Mobile 1 and Mobile 2, however when I sync the iphone with outlook only work and mobile 1 gets sycn'd but not mobile 2...how do i get to sync that?


    Edit: I installed the latest itunes and refreshed sync history.
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    04-11-10 12:43 PM
  2. stuaw11's Avatar
    Because itll only sync the types of fields that outlook supports. Outlook may not support "Mobile 2" Might have to save it as "Other" or something else that outlook will support
    04-11-10 01:04 PM
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    Yea i was playing around and noticed the same thing too...it was driving me nuts.

    Its not necessary for me that outlook copies all the contacts because i care less about work contacts but i sync my BB with outlook just incase if my either phone dies i know who to call..its all good...i will change some fields and make it compatible with outlook

    04-11-10 01:27 PM