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    I'm trying to help someone out, and I know this worked for me before but I just want to see and confirm this would work. Long ago when the west was young and the air smelled like warm root beer, I had an iPhone 2g. I had upgraded to this phone from a Samsung Propel (nothing special), and had attached to it an unlimited text and unlimited data plan (family for both). The iPhone worked exactly as it should, and I found out that I did not have the iPhone plan.

    The person i'm trying to help wants the iPhone, but doesn't want to pay the extra money for the plan (no flames please). She has the unlimited text/data plan (MEdianet). If she puts her SIM card into the iPhone, will it automatically attach the data plan to it? I know it didn't do this for mine, and I just want to make sure before I attempt it.

    All help is appreciated !
    03-23-10 10:43 PM