03-29-10 06:43 AM
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    To be honest, I'd rather have an Android phone like the Droid or Nexus One than my iPhone. :\
    I'd feel that way when Android gets a better on-screen keyboard; iPhone like or better. When they actually put multitouch on the build-in Android keyboard.

    When Android gets a better copy and paste system. I seems like the best option is "select all" and not "select text". How the heck can't I copy from the gmail app? Only editable text? C'mon son!

    When Android's email pushes faster than my iPhone. Not sure how Google even lets this happen.

    When my N1 has more sensors or one that aren't cheap, which ever one is causing the innaccuracy when I attempt to click something.
    03-29-10 01:15 AM
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    what do u mean by the last part u said?
    If you decide you want an 3GS now, go ahead and get it, when the 4G does come out.. add a line.. wait 30 days.. cancel new line and sell 3GS, the odds are that the 3GS even with the 4G being out will cover any ETF fees from AT&T which are currently $175

    I can share with you that I left Verizon after 12 years last month for the Iphone and it's by far one of the best purchases of my life. What made me leave? I went from the Storm 1 to the Moto Droid, while the Droid was a big step up from the Storm it had way too many bugs and auto resets. It's where the Iphone was 3 or 4 years. ago.

    The Iphone is hands down a better phone, it's snappier, it's smoother, it's more intuitive, just better technology. I have a hard time putting it down each day.

    I know exactly how you feel, I feel like a great weight along with a major pain in my arse is gone... i'd always be in teh middle of replying to a myspace email or maybe facebook or trying to browse and the damn thing would freeze lol and my storm 2 even started to head down that road... I'm glad that's behind me lol
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    Oh and to you two who were "fighting" with your keyboards, grow up.

    I don't know what this means?

    I am not concerned with 4G or anything. I am more concerned about features. So far what I have read about 4G, isn't enough for me to hang on see what else is coming. I don't use mine for anything else but for fun and a personal device. Right now for want I want, the Droid is meeting that.
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