1. kigginmarker's Avatar
    Are there any iphone app developers in this forum who may be interested in developing a simple app that I don't think exists yet but I think could be very useful?

    I have the complete user interface done, but just don't have the development tools or skills for the iphone.

    Thanks, Ryan
    06-19-09 02:32 PM
  2. kigginmarker's Avatar
    I guess I need to get a bit more specific to get a response. The problem is that I don't want to give the idea for the app away and have someone just go off and develop it on their own. Anyway, as far as level of effort, I am an Oracle and .NET developer and have developed something very similar for my company's use in less than a week.

    I've spent significantly more time than that on the interface for this application because I am not a graphic designer and have built all of the interface on my own.

    It is currently being developed for the blackberry platform, but would like it's applicability to reach more people, so that's why I'm branching out.

    Skills needed would be to be familiarity with how to use the phone's time/date functions, popup message functionality, ringtones and setting alarms. And NO, this is not a "SET AN ALARM" app.

    It is an extremely simple idea, but I just don't believe it's been done and could be very useful to potentially hundreds of thousands. It could provide a significant amount of income to the application seller while helping lots of people at the same time.

    Hopefully this helps, Ryan
    06-20-09 11:26 AM
  3. ebongo91's Avatar
    you realize once your idea is out, there are going to be plenty of people "stealing" the idea right? I don't think there is much of a profit in selling apps unless it is almost required
    06-20-09 11:29 AM