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    10-21-09 09:38 PM
  2. stuaw11's Avatar
    Im not buying it still

    All of these "rumors" are based off one blog if you check their sources- Fone Frenzy- never heard of it nor consider it a reputable source. Anyone these days can create a phone blog and post a bunch of BS. How many more reputable sources claimed iphone 3GS changes (front camera, black frame sides instead of chrome, glowing logo, etc) and turned out to be totally wrong?

    Plus with the anti-Apple "map for that" and Droid campagin, Im not buying Apple wants to do business with VZW right now

    Lets look at more mitigating factors if you still dont doubt it.

    VZW stripped BB App World and the WM Marketplace out of the OSs for their own VZW-controlled app store for their platforms. Think Apple would ever in a million years allow that?

    VZW also isnt going to give up the kind of control over the platform that ATT gives Apple. No matter what they promote to the media about being more "open access," their history clearly dictates that they are anything but open (even as seen stripping the app stores for their own). They have just much a control issue as Jobs and Apple, and I dont see those 2 personalities meshing very well or them coming to a deal about who gets control of what.
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    10-21-09 10:24 PM
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    Where does everyone get this BS that VZW stripped BB Appworld? Not true at all.

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    10-21-09 11:22 PM
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    Well... can't wait for it. Lol.

    Fone Frenzy... lol x2.
    10-21-09 11:38 PM
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    Considering these are rumors you may have wanted to put a question mark in the topic title just like the sources you posted. I have no doubt the iphone will go to other providers but the sources you show only speculate on a rumor by an unproven source.
    10-22-09 05:09 AM
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    Listen I have been waiting for a iPhone since it was a rumor on Apple Insider, I was just so lucky to be with Cingular when they announced the phone was coming to them, didn't buy it because I knew there was going to be bugs that needed to be worked out like any new device. I even jumped the iVerizon bandwagon but after much time to think and well hanging out here, even if it does come to Big Red, it will be a new device. Do we not remember when the iPhone came out, they had like 4 new phones in what seem like a year. They seem to have gotten it to where they want it now but I see them having the same issue when and IF they come to Verizon. Not saying I would never own one as I am a Mac guy through and through, but right now with a new LTE this and CDMA that it just sounds like a lot more..... "and introducing the next iPhone" x4 all over again. Not to mention I spend enough time waiting for the BB Storm2 I don't have enough time to try to wait for the iPhone as well, I would have a Coronary with all the rumors for both phone right now lol.
    10-22-09 06:12 AM
  7. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    I hope it does happen. It's the only way i'll go back to VZW. Then all the Storm fanboys can make excuses on why they are switching to the iPhone.
    10-22-09 03:56 PM
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    So, someone put up a blog speculating that the iphone is going to be on verizon as soon as 4g hits, and people eat this up and believe this to be facts?

    The ignorance of people on this forum is astounding. Do not believe everything you hear or read. It could go to verizon, then agan, it might not. Who is the person proclaiming this? Do you knwo his credibility? His sources?

    How can someone get excited about some little rumor that holds no water. Not having the facts havnt stopped some people from having an opinion.

    I weep for humanity after reading some of the comments on here.
    10-22-09 04:05 PM
  9. stuaw11's Avatar

    This started at Fone Frenzy. Who?

    This isnt engadget or boygenious starting the rumor- at least the have SOME credibility. Its some no name blog everyone picked up on and take it as verbatim.
    10-22-09 04:13 PM
  10. jmlampert23's Avatar
    why do people continue to post crap about this subject. it is not coming for a long time. probably atleast 3 or 4 years. just leave it alone
    10-22-09 05:45 PM
  11. ogeneo's Avatar

    I've heard it far too many times. When it comes from Steve, I'll buy into it.

    * Though, I'm pretty happy with my Bold.
    10-22-09 06:42 PM
  12. jmlampert23's Avatar

    I've heard it far too many times. When it comes from Steve, I'll buy into it.

    * Though, I'm pretty happy with my Bold.

    atleast someone agrees with me. delete this dam thread and all the ones like it
    10-22-09 07:15 PM