1. Droid121572's Avatar
    I know the new Iphone normaly comes out in June or July. Does anyone have any idea when it gets anounced? I would like to get a new phone but I'm not excited about 3gs. I would get an Android instead right now.
    02-16-10 02:53 PM
  2. mofoahh's Avatar
    usually around april, may. they would try to milk as much money from the 3gs since it just came out last july. The droid isnt so bad if your plannin to use the web alot. the thing practically flys. thethering with it is pretty crazy too.. 240KBs.
    02-16-10 03:21 PM
  3. dcgore's Avatar
    The grass is always greener with the newest technology. I am sure once you get your droid if you decide to go that route, the 4 gen i phone will come out a few months after than, then you'll be wanting one. This happens to me a lot and i am trying to stop this madness cuz i am switching phones every two months (this is not good).
    For me i am thinking my next purchase is the ipad and the 4 gen iphone after that.
    02-17-10 08:54 AM
  4. mofoahh's Avatar
    exactly as dcgore stated, therefore patience is key if you are looking forward to the iphone 4g. IF it even comes out this year.
    02-17-10 10:38 AM
  5. Droid121572's Avatar
    Someone was talking about on good thing about the Iphone vs android is that you know there will be one Iphone every year but with android your always afraid that something is going to come out better. And I kinda feel that way. I was set to get a December and checked my contract was not up until Feb. So I waited to see what else is coming. If I go with android I think I will love it (for now)but I'll hate the buyers remorese that comes with it later. I cann't keep buying phones my wife will kill me! lol
    02-17-10 10:40 AM
  6. mofoahh's Avatar
    yes Android is an OS only. which means different cellphone manufacturers can use it. First was HTC now motorola, even samsung is coming out with some devices. So with android you will always have another model coming out within months. Apple releases an iphone every year so you can change that only once a year.

    trust me i used to buy cellphones every 3 months. My gf was complaining all the time also. Well I've been using my iphone 3g for quite some time already. Can't explain except for the battery life. So its really up to you if you can wait a few more months using the curve and get the 4g iphone.
    02-17-10 10:44 AM
  7. BatterdStarfish's Avatar
    Ill be keeping my head out for the 4g, as i will be leaving my BB behind and returning to Iphone.

    Got rid of my iphone before 3gs come out. And ima get some stick but i miss it.
    02-18-10 10:11 AM