1. yoyola's Avatar
    interesting article.. really want to see an iphone 4 in person. im sure it is a thing of beauty.

    android is catching up though... looking at the feature set android 2.2 has more features as it is. android 2.1 can even compete with the iphone 4.

    the iphone still has better apps and usability overall though. hoping globe will get the iphone 4 by the time my smart contract ends (feb of next year).

    looks like nokia symbian is really dead unless they pull something great off. the N8 preview is not so impressive. the new blackberry OS looks dated as well and thats not even out.

    also hoping that HP does something good with palm.
    06-08-10 10:29 PM
  2. mazinkaiser's Avatar
    apple has a few apps I wish android would get, but android has widgets and while most are useless, there are some that I really like and use. I have a feeling that apple was caught with their pants down and had no time to recover from this years google i/o so I would expect the next years iphone to come out fighting hard and I'm sure google will be ready with gingerbread and whatever comes after it at next year's io conference.
    06-09-10 03:52 AM