1. Vlad M.'s Avatar
    As much as I'm impressed with the features of the Iphone 4 the price without contract is plain rediculous in Germany.

    iPhone 4 - 3Gstore.de

    You can pre-order an Iphone 4 without contract for:
    Iphone 4 16GB - 1099 ~ $1315
    Iphone 4 32GB - 1199 ~ $1435

    Few thoughts:
    It is obvious that new devices are expensive the moment they are released and drop in price later, but COMMON more than 1k, seriously?!
    Reckon that video calling will ONLY (or mostly) work between two Iphone 4, then whats the point of making them so expensive that only few people would buy them? (or attaching rediculous plans to them) Also, video calling works only via wifi, making it a local feature rather than mobile. By making the Iphone so expensive (and NOT distributing it among the public) video calling becomes a rare phenomenon to say the least.

    I am always willing so spend up to 600 or 700 on a new mobile phone without contract, and that is top shelf for such a tiny device (in the past it has always been enough), but 1k+?! I DONT THINK SO! The money would be better invested in a new Taylor guitar, a notebook, a TV or something else usefull.
    Please don't even mention who can afford what. It is not even about being a fanboy or not. Some people will pay any price. However the price is simply not justified and nobody can deny that. I am dissapointed and will wait 6 months to see if the price gets more attractive.

    What do you think about the pricing?

    PS: The Iphone 3GS costs up to 340 WITH contract in Germany btw. Current Iphone plans are between 45 and 120 a month! Even with contract I imagine Iphone 4 insanely expensive, both the device and the cell/data plans.
    06-08-10 07:36 PM
  2. VIDGMER's Avatar
    Did you ask them, why they wanted to sell iP4 for 1k? I agree with your thoughts.. You should be happy that apple offer new iO4 for all devices.. no need to upgrade new iP4..
    06-08-10 10:19 PM