1. jshrz's Avatar
    alright well email isnt exactly not working, however it isnt working as I would like it to. I am wondering if their is a way to actually forward emails to the inbox. Currently i must go into the mail app, and wait for all the emails to download, I would like to have them already downloaded and ready when i go in, and have the like notifications showing me how many unread i have, similar to the way texts are how it shows like 1 on the top right of the icon.

    currently i have email set on push
    04-14-11 08:07 PM
  2. Mr. Marco's Avatar
    Having your iPhone set to "push" will do nothing unless that email service supports push email. Only one I know off the top of my head is Gmail.

    Putting push aside, your iPhone is set to manually check for emails. Which means you physically have to open the email app or while in there hit the refresh button on the bottom left of the screen.

    Go into the iPhone settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Under "Fetch" you will see different time intervals you can choose for your iPhone to search for new emails. Choose whatever time interval you desire and you should be good to go.

    One thing to keep in mind is that will drain your battery faster than having it set to "manually".
    04-14-11 10:29 PM