10-28-09 04:58 AM
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  1. 1cln_sdime's Avatar
    Just my 2cent i had a bold and just got a iphone a week ago and love it. I never got the whole i phone craze till i got one if u spend alot of time online this is the only phone to have and the apple app store kills the bb app world bb needs to catch up and there is a long way to go.
    10-23-09 12:47 PM
  2. DaReaper911's Avatar
    I don't have any issues with my iPhone i love it... no problems typing...
    10-27-09 06:10 PM
  3. Zh3nger's Avatar
    Wow, way to bring back a year old thread lol.

    It's true, the iphone is getting ahead of blackberries in categories wise since apple became smart and gave the users what they wanted. Both phones attract different people and no phone is clearly superior.

    I love my iphone and I love my Bold.
    10-28-09 04:58 AM
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