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    I just read this excerpt in another thread:
    "We are just under four weeks away from our predicted launch date, and since this is a product that requires a cell service agreement, Apple and Verizon will most likely want to give potential (and excited) customers as much time as possible to check when their contracts expire, and get their ducks in a row so they can be educated and ready to purchase the Verizon iPhone on launch day. It’s also entirely possible for this event to be based around the upcoming ipad 2 which is rumored to have built-in CDMA and Verizon Wireless support."

    I'm getting an ipad shortly from my office. When I called VZ they said if I didn't buy the ipad from them in their bundle it would cost me $35 a month for a mobile hotspot (with limited data yet).

    So from the above statement where it is rumored that the ipad 2 might have built-in CDMA and VZ wireless support does this mean that If I buy an ipad2 that I might be able to use the same 3G plan I use for my BB now? Or will I still have to get a separate data plan to connect the ipad 2 to the web? I know I can connect by wifi.

    The ipad I'm getting is only wireless and not 3G, so I might want to dump it on Craigslist without breaking the seal.

    If it was 3G could I use the BB plan now with no extra fees. Seems to me if the ipad 2 comes out it might cover all my needs if I can connect to my data plan through a rumored VZ support built in.

    What do some of you read into this???
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    You would need a separate data plan for the iPad. Right now, you have to get a MiFi card that runs off of the VZ network and emits a WiFi signal to give the iPad internet The plans run from $35 - $80 monthly.
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    The plan for the mifi is separate from your blackberry data plan. The difference is that the mifi can connect other devices up to 5 at the same time. When the 3G signal is built into the ipad I think only the ipad can get online. If you had an android phone you could run wireless tether and connect your ipad that way using your phones data plan.

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    Thx for those replies. I certainly don't want "another" data plan on top of the $29.95 I pay now for the 9650. I did use a VZ modem for $59 a month with a 5 GB cap that I used for my netbook for a year, but it was just too expensive.

    But I found I could get my web reading down on the BB at least on OS 5. Was not a good experience on OS 6, granted, it was the sprint release and not an official VZ release, but I don't expect the official to be much better and I'm tired of reading news sites devices with only a 2.5 inch screen anyway.

    My early 1 year upgrade is probably 6 mos. away, I'll move on to whatever the latest and greatest is when that's up. Maybe VZ will offer some deal to woo us to their 4G network earlier as they are going to need to lock up a lot of subscribers to new 2 yr contracts just support their new 4G network investment. I did read they expect to get 500,000 new subscribers from AT&T for their new iphone release in Feb. That's a lot of revenue even though it won't be 4G revenue, it will help VZ's overall bottom line in support of their new network investment.

    So if I break the seal on the box of this wifi ipad I thought I read that I could "jailbreak" it and then use my Teather program to access my 9650's data plan.

    This is possible . . . right? If I can't, I might sell this wifi ipad on CL and just pay extra bucks before my 1 year upgrade and buy a device like a Droid Bionic on VZ, which would allow me to do my reading on it's bigger screen. And not tote around an ipad or a netbook. And if I jailbreak it, can I reverse it back at some point to be able to sell it in the near future, if I chose too?
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