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    It's around 30 000 of them. Another issue for Apple. They can't catch a break right now. I wonder what the wait time on the iPad will be now.

    Someone commenting on tipb.com:

    "Yes, I'm having a problem, but Apple is being horrible in dealing with it. First, Fedex told me Apple had the wrong address. Then when I called, they said Apple ordered them to hold the ipad. I called Apple and they said it was a problem where some 30,000 ipads were shipped to the wrong people. I next got an email from Apple telling me to correct my address (which was never wrong). I called again, and this time they told me that it wasn't an address problem, and Apple was giving no information on what the problem was, the ipad was shipped back to Apple, and I would be in the "highest priority", but they wouldn't say what that meant or how long it would take, but I'd get an email in 24 hours. Well I don't have an email, I called again today, got a sympathetic agent but he said they have been told nothing, had no idea what the problem is, and had no idea when I'd received my ipad.

    So far it's been 2 long calls to Fedex, 3 much longer ones to Apple, and I'm told if I cancel the order now that it has shipped (despite their sending it back), that it will take 10 business days to get the funds returned!!! They're certainly making it very unattractive to pick one up at Best Buy or anywhere else, and certainly alienating customers!"

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    06-10-11 05:53 PM