1. canook's Avatar
    So my mother got a pb as well as an iPad 2 (lucky) given to her from work. The iPad has 3G but she's not sticking a sim in it. It constantly has a "no sim" msg at top left. Is 3G still on? In options I can't go in to network settings as it is greyed out...any input is appreciated
    05-15-11 10:58 PM
  2. harters's Avatar
    Should just be able to go into Settings --> Mobile Data and set to off.

    I put a sim in my iPad 2 as soon as I got it, so I dont know if that option is greyed out or not without a sim card.

    If it continues, why not just get a free PAYG card and put it there, but dont activate it if its not needed.
    05-20-11 02:28 AM