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    My sons iphone for some reason flipped out while being charged up. The battery ran out and he put it on the charger and when he came back it was on the apple. I killed it w/ the home/ power button and it froze again at the apple. After a couple on and offs its still froze. Not wasting any more time I open up itunes and put the iphone in recovery mode and tried to restore the it. I got a message that the isp wasn't compatible so then I put the iphone in dfu mode and it took the isp. Well it unpacked it but while writing it I guess it throws up a message restore wasn't possible "unknown error accured". I tried again in dfu mode and now I get message firmware isn't comparable.
    I thought in dfu you could write any isp to it and that restore was only limited to the same version that's on the phone.
    I got error message 209. I've google it but haven't found to much on it. What I have found doesn't sound like my trouble.

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    08-08-11 06:03 AM
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    DFU mode doesn't really mean ANY firmware. Your firmware depends on the carrier and the baseband.

    Was the phone jailbroke?
    08-08-11 07:32 AM