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    Brand new mapping with Apple's own cartography instead of Google Maps
    3D Maps mode
    Turn-by-turn navigation - iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad only
    Flyover - iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad only
    Real-time traffic updates
    Satellite view
    Business info cards
    New icon
    Siri Improvements
    More knowledgeable about sports, movies, and restaurants
    Sports leagues including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, English Premier League, and more
    Integration with Yelp! for restaurants and reviews
    Integration with OpenTable for dinner reservations
    Integration with Rotten Tomatoes for movies
    Understands more languages across 15 different countries
    United States: English, Spanish
    Canada: English, French
    United Kingdom: English
    Australia: English
    Switzerland: Italian, Swiss French, Swiss German
    South Korea: Korean
    China: Mandarin, Cantonese
    Japan: Japanese
    Hong Kong: Cantonese
    Germany: German
    Spain: Spanish
    Mexico: Spanish
    France: French
    Italy: Italian
    Taiwan: Mandarin
    Post to Twitter directly from Siri
    Post and share to Facebook directly from Siri
    Launch apps directly from Siri - say "run [app name]" or "open [app name]"
    Eyes Free - Apple is working with vehicle makers to integrate hands and eyes-free Siri
    Listen to your Notification Center notifications
    Local search now works worldwide
    Siri provides your information when you ask what her name is
    Shared Photo Streams - share select photos with family and friends
    New sharing menu
    Redesigned interface including silver keypad
    New phone icon on lock screen for quick access to the ignore options below
    Send incoming callers directly to voicemail
    Send incoming callers a text message
    Set callback reminders
    Phone call doesn't take up the entire lock screen when a call is incoming
    New user interface
    HDR improvements
    Sort or omit contacts by groups, including Facebook and iCloud contacts
    Search all fields
    App Store / iTunes Store / iBookstore
    Redesigned App Store user interface (UI)
    Redesigned iTunes Store UI
    Redesigned iBookstore UI
    "Open" button in the App Store when viewing apps that are already installed
    Freshly-installed apps have a "new" banner across the top right corner of the icon
    Updating apps no longer requires entering your Apple ID credentials
    You can install apps without leaving the App Store
    You can install apps from within apps
    Facebook 'Like' button for App Store, iTunes Store
    Apps that are downloading show their progress within the App Store
    FaceTime / iMessage
    FaceTime over Cellular - make video calls between Apple devices using 3G or LTE cellular data
    Unified phone number and Apple ID for FaceTime, iMessage
    Facebook / Twitter Integration
    Post to your Wall on Facebook
    Your Facebook events and birthdays are integrated into Calendar
    Post a web link to Facebook directly from the webpage in Safari
    Facebook friends profile information is integrated into Contacts
    Share a photo or video to Facebook right from Camera or Photos
    Post your location to Facebook from Maps
    Post a high score to Facebook from Game Center
    Post to Facebook using Siri
    Post to Facebook using Notification Center
    Post to Twitter using Notification Center
    Redesigned with silver user interface, sleek playback controls - iPhone, iPod touch only
    Select a song as your alarm
    New music EQ called "Late Night Mode"
    Reflection on the metallic sliders
    Redesigned with a more streamlined interface for easier reading and writing
    VIP inbox - excl. iPhone 3GS
    Easier to add photos and videos to email messages
    Swipe down to refresh your mailboxes
    Per account signatures
    Flag emails
    Open password-protected Microsoft Office documents
    iCloud tabs - pick up browsing wherever you left off, across your Apple devices
    Full-screen websites by tapping the full-screen icon in landscape mode - iPhone only
    Offline reading for Reading List - full webpages, not just links
    Take photos or videos, or choose from your Camera Roll, without leaving Safari
    Upload photos or videos in Safari
    Global network proxy for HTTP
    New splash page for when you are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data
    Address bar loads smoother
    New sharing options
    IPv6 support for Wi-Fi and LTE
    Faster JavaScript
    Apps in search results
    Smart App Banners - banners on mobile websites prompt users to download the website's native App Store app
    Open up to 25 tabs on Safari for iPad
    "Do Not Disturb" mode - keeps brightness low, prevents device from making sounds
    New menu for Privacy Controls
    Bluetooth toggle moved to the top of list
    Brightness is now located under Brightness & Wallpaper instead of Settings > General > Brightness
    Government warnings and AMBER alerts can be toggled on / off in Notifications
    iPad and iPod touch now have "time since last full charge" under Usage
    Game Center
    Challenge friends
    Facebook friends integration
    Personal Dictionary synchronization
    iPad-specific Features
    Clock app for iPad
    Siri for new iPad - excluding iPad 2, original iPad
    Location-based reminders for iPad
    Manual Reader
    Manual location-based reminders
    Location-based reminders
    Chinese Features
    Improved Chinese text input
    Built-in support for Chinese services such as Baidu, Youku, Tudou, and Sina Weibo
    Double the number of Chinese characters supported in handwriting recognition
    When you add words to your personal dictionary, iCloud makes them available on all your devices
    Kernel ASLR
    New "Lost Mode" for Find My iPhone - "triggers an attention grabbing sound, and prompts the person that finds the iPhone to call a specific number set by the owner remotely"
    Find My iPhone shows the battery percentage of your lost or stolen device
    Guided Access - helps students with disabilities remain on task, i.e. disabling home button
    VoiceOver is now integrated with Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom
    Other Features
    Revamped icons for Settings, Contacts, Clock, Rotation Lock
    Passbook - a new app that keeps your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more in one place
    The spinning boot logo seen when powering your iOS device on/off is now optimized for the Retina display
    Location-based alerts in Find My Friends app
    New iOS 6 APIs for developers, part of iPhone SDK
    Custom vibrations for alerts
    Status bar changes colors, adapts to the third-party app you are using
    Weather app has new user interface
    French, German, and Spanish dictionaries
    Word highlights for speech support
    Auto Correction for every keyboard
    Bluetooth Map support
    Improved keyboard layouts
    "Made for iPhone" hearing aids
    Stream songs from iTunes Match, instead of downloading
    Read text selection asks which language to use
    Apple has properly centered the weekdays and other elements of the Calendar app
    New emoji icons

    6.0 - [iFans Project] iOS 6 Features List (All 200+) | iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch forums | iFans
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    Awesome list. Appreciated.

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