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    Is now live OTA.....
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    07-22-11 05:23 PM
  2. avt123's Avatar
    Yep I have it installed. It's great so far.
    07-22-11 08:17 PM
  3. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Notice any issues yet?
    07-22-11 08:25 PM
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    Is that pretty much what the official release will be? We tried what I believe was the first one and it was terrible. I'm hearing it's great now.

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    07-22-11 08:58 PM
  5. _YoKolorMeBadd's Avatar
    Notice any issues yet?
    A couple... Like the album art not showing until the song starts to play. But Apple already knows about this (was in the changelog I think). And sometimes syncing doesn't work.. That's all I found so far.

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    07-23-11 04:48 AM
  6. Mk3VR's Avatar
    I am on a developer account and cant figure out how to update this. I am currently not running iOS 5 beta 3 because I got an error every time trying to upload it. How can I update my iPhone to iOS 5 beta 4?
    07-28-11 09:32 AM
  7. Accidental Post's Avatar
    You have to get to 3 first what error code are you getting?
    07-28-11 09:42 AM
  8. Mk3VR's Avatar
    Ive been getting error 14 every time I try to upload
    07-28-11 09:46 AM
  9. Accidental Post's Avatar
    I've discovered the problem and found the solution.

    There are multiple corrupt copies of the iOS5 beta 3 firmware drifting about the interwebs. iTunes falsely verifies the firmware as being intact in the initial extraction phase, but comes unstuck when it tries to install it to the device, producing error 14.

    You can download a non-corrupted version of the beta 3 at http://imzdl.com/ via direct download or torrent. I've now installed iOS5 beta 3 on my iPad 1 without issue, using a 747 MB copy of iOS (compared with the corrupt 765 MB file).

    Try that first^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Although for iPad you should try the file from the website above....

    Error 13 and 14: These errors are typically resolved by performing one of more of the steps listed below:

    Perform USB isolation troubleshooting, including a different USB port directly on the computer.
    Put a USB 2.0 hub between the device and the computer.
    Try a different USB 30-pin dock connector cable.
    Eliminate third-party security software conflicts by following iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software.
    There may be third-party software installed that modifies your default packet size in Windows by inserting a TcpWindowSize entry into your Registry. If your default packet size is set incorrectly it can cause this error. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet size modification for assistance.
    Connect your computer directly to your Internet source, bypassing any routers, hubs, or switches. You may need to restart your computer and modem to get online.
    Try to restore from another known-good computer and network.
    If you find an ASR error 1000 in the iPhone or iPod updater log file, that is an error decompressing and transferring the IPSW file that is downloaded during the restore. This error is frequently caused by third-party security software interference, a poor quality Internet connection resulting in a bad IPSW download, or a conflict on the USB bus.
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