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    I'm curious as to what is causing the poor battery life on my 4S. My phone is currently at 75% charge, and of the 6-and-a-half hours it's been off the charger (from a full charge) only 1 hour and 11 minutes are actual use. Yesterday I was at 39% from 3 hours 11 minutes use and 7 hours 23 minutes standby. Now, coming from an iPhone 4 I'm used to a battery that will last me at least one full day of pretty heavy use with room to spare, and seeing as how I didn't get to experiment with iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 I don't know what it is that's eating up so much battery... well I do, I'm just wondering if everyone else's is this bad. I mean my phone lost 16% from a few texts and checking fb and 9to5mac for a total of maybe 5 minutes of data; this is not okay to me. Is anybody else suffering from battery life that can't hardly crack 5 hours use without dying or should I go talk to someone at an Apple store?

    EDIT: Turned off location services -- hasn't made much of a difference. Conclusion regarding location services: They only drain battery when the arrow is in the status bar... duh.
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    10-20-11 02:33 PM
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    Dalton greg raised a point earlier and I am surprised but it makes sense. Charge it up 100% then kill it once a month.

    It's an Apple thing I do this on my MacBook and MBP quarterly and I get 7-9 hours of battery out of them.
    10-20-11 02:41 PM
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    Here is my screen shot as of a few minutes ago after full discharge yesterday.

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    10-20-11 02:44 PM
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    You have the 4 correct not the 4S?
    10-20-11 02:50 PM
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    Apple says to charge full and then full discharger once a month only to make sure the reading of the battery percent is accurate, not to make a difference in performance. Maybe I'll give that another shot though, although it is not 'good' for your battery per se.

    Greg, is that an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S? Also, if someone with AT&T or any GSM iPhone 4S could chime in; I know CDMA networks don't use as much battery connecting to the network so the fact your Verizon iPhone has better battery life is to be expected.
    10-20-11 02:51 PM
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    I am on a 4 not 4S.

    Reason I did the complete battery drain was I had no battery life and had made all the setting adjustments and so on. Last effort was to try the battery drain to recalibrate it to see if it would "settle down" and so far it seems to have worked. This time yesterday I would have been running in the 40% range.
    10-20-11 02:54 PM
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    Yeah but these are lithium polymer batteries not lithium ion.
    10-20-11 02:54 PM
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    Alright, I'll have to try the battery drain. Thanks!
    10-20-11 02:57 PM
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    iOS 5 hasn't hurt my battery life. Only the early betas did.
    10-20-11 03:10 PM
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    I'm following Apple's suggestion of once a month to drain from start to finish

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    10-20-11 03:20 PM
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    If it works I probably will start doing it too, but I've done it before and there was no huge difference. Then again, I didn't have the less than awesome battery that I do now, so we'll see. From what I understood, batteries -- LiIon and LiPol -- suffered more from full drains as opposed to partial, but if it works, it works.
    10-20-11 04:40 PM