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    I picked one up at Best Buy a couple of hours ago.... initial observations and thoughts.

    Note that the Powermat works with Blackberrys too: Bold, Curve, Curve 8900 and Pearl.

    The Receiver case does add some bulk to the iPhone, most noticeably in the thickness and length. The case also adds some noticeable weight when compared to an iPhone without a case and more than most other shells or leather cases.

    Once the Receiver Case is on the iPhone, all you have to do is lay your iPhone on the Powermat and your will charge just like the Palm Pre does with its touchstone charger.

    One thing I love is that the with the Receiver Case on, the iPhone's proprietary charging/syncing port is now a micro-usb port. Much more useful IMO. iTunes and my Mac had no problem recognizing, syncing or charging the iPhone using a generic micro-usb cable. The inside/bottom of case (not pictured) uses the iPhones charging port to connect the charging pad on the back of the case. The mini-usb port on the outside of case passes though the inner port. This is the reason the case is 10mm long on the bottom.

    On a naked iPhone it adds about 10mm in length on the bottom, and 2-3mm to the top. The case feels flush, but the access to controls are recessed.

    The Powercube included with the Powermat comes with tips for: Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, DSi, DS LITE and Micro USB. I will be using the Micro USB for charging my Kindle.

    Its too early to report on charging times... I will report back later.


    PS... Best Buy has some Reward Zone coupons out for this weekend that will save you some $$$. I was able to use a 12% off and 10% off coupons for the Powermat and Receiver Case. It also helped that the Receiver Case was mismarked with a bad sticker for $29 instead of $39 and I got 10% off the mismarked price to boot! :hehehe:

    Still it cost me $125 out the door with tax... kinda pricey. Will have to see if its worth it.
    10-09-09 10:46 PM
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    Yeah, I was interested until I saw the price tag on this. I think I can take the extra 3 seconds to plug it in for now. Lol

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    10-10-09 10:00 AM
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    Pretty pricey for something like that! Thanks for sharing and the review.

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    10-10-09 10:13 AM