1. missleslie09's Avatar
    Okay,I had a 3GS on AT&T last year and got rid of it for my Incredible. I love my incredible but I'm sick of the battery life. I wanted to get everyone on this side's opinion. How is the battery life on the iPhone 4 and did they fix the antenna problem? Is the display that much better than on the 3GS? GIve me good reasons to switch back over =] The only thing I know I'm going to miss is customization.
    03-24-11 02:00 AM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    No one can convince you to change.

    But to answer some of your questions:

    The battery life is amazing, especially compared to the Incredible (which I have had). I make it through a day with 60% left if not more. I can stretch it to two.

    The resolution on the screen is night and day compared to a 3GS.

    If you live in lower service areas and you're not using a case, you might see a little of the antenna problem. I don't use a case right now and haven't had a problem.

    Yes, the iPhone lacks customization, but what are you needing in the device. I find that battery life is more important to me.
    03-24-11 07:42 AM
  3. missleslie09's Avatar
    Yeah I miss being able to use my phone so that's a big thing for me. Thanks for your feedback.
    03-24-11 10:14 AM
  4. FigureThisOut's Avatar
    Pretty much what mark said. It also depends on how much you use your phone and
    what you have the screen brightness set at, etc. Thankfully even after having a
    Droid X for a few months, customization isn't really missed.
    03-24-11 01:29 PM
  5. missleslie09's Avatar
    I use my phone constantly and I remember my 3GS was pretty good on battery, so I was hoping they improved it on the 4. I have to charge my incredible at least 4 times a day.
    03-24-11 02:07 PM
  6. FigureThisOut's Avatar
    Yeah, the i4 definitely has a better battery than the 3GS. I used the 3GS or a year too.
    03-24-11 02:32 PM