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    If this is true, carriers are really gonna love the new iPad.

    Apple’s new iPad can max out your data plan in 10 minutes
    One of the hallmark features ofApple's new iPad is its support for faster4G mobile networks from carriers Verizon and AT&T, and from experience you will certainly benefit from truly impressive data speeds as a result. Unfortunately, all that blazing speed is going to come at a blazingly high price to match.
    As the graphic below shows, you'll be paying the same price for either 2GB or 5GB worth of monthly data on either carrier at $30 and $50 monthly, respectively;AT&T also offers a smaller 250MB plan for $14.99, andVerizon offers a higher 10GB plan for $80 per month. The trouble is, none of those data caps are actually very high when you start factoring things in like streaming video, audio, beaming high-resolution photographs (one of the features in the new iPhoto for iPad application), or syncing all of your various media files using Apple's owniCloud storage service. Even some apps, particularly games, can clock in at hundreds of megabytes.

    With great speed comes great cost
    Combine the realities of multimedia file size and a blazing fast connection that allows transfer of said files at unprecedented speeds, and you have a recipe for potentially expensive disaster. One careless download of a1080p high-definition movie from the iTunes Store over 4G could eat up your entire monthly plan and then some. In fact, if you could achieve download speeds at the theoretical maximum 72Mbps ofLTE, you could blow through a 5GB plan in just under 10 minutes, and Verizon's largest 10GB tier in about 20. Real-world speeds of course are actuallygoing to be somewhat lower, but we're still talking about the potential to obliterate your entire expensive monthly data plan in much less than a single day.
    Data pricing remains the Achilles' heel of 4G. Carriers and manufacturers alike are avidly attempting to seduce consumers with the allure of always-on connectivity offering speeds comparable to, if not faster than, our cable internet service at home -- but both sticker and bandwidth shock are going to increasingly confront the average consumer as devices like the new iPad spur greater interest in and adoption of 4G service. To live up to the true promise of 4G, carriers will need to stop pricing mobile data for gentle sipping and find a way to offer reasonable plans that reflect real-world usage of 4G devices.
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    Sounds about right; and they (the carriers) won't even have to subsidize the cost of these 4G wonders. Gotta' love insanity; a mind is a terrible thing to sell just for the privilege of owning a..............
    03-08-12 05:41 AM
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    Maybe with the new high speed internet and the user is downloading some super large files online. Also depending on what you mean by Max out Data Plan.

    Here in Indonesia, data plan can go as low as... 100MB so sure in less than 10 minutes

    - Charles
    03-08-12 05:44 AM
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    That's what people said about the iPhone and Apple threw their weight around to get carriers to provide 5GB and 6GB plans. LTE is more efficient, so I wouldn't be surprised to see 10GB-15GB plans for the iPad 3. (on contract of course)
    03-08-12 06:33 AM
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    Even though this is probably true, RIM really needs to hurry now with a 4G PlayBook.
    They should release it the day before the 4G iPad!
    4G PlayBook Motto:
    The Best mobile Browsing experience just got better! Use it anywhere you want, amateur hour is now over.
    03-08-12 06:46 AM