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    I had iCloud set up no prob (confusing, but got it). Synced my gmail account with only one calendar, I'll call it Primary. That was mid-October.

    Then around Nov 1st I added two more calendars, "Work" and "Misc" to that gmail account. So Primary, Work & Misc calendars are all under the same gmail account. Now when I do an iCloud sync, "Work" and "Misc" sync instantly, but "Primary" calendar has not synced since Nov 1st. Ive checked device settings for that gmail account it's set to sync all calendars. I don't get it?

    Any of you gurus have any thoughts?
    11-17-11 12:38 PM
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    I want to know how you got gmail calendars to sync with iCloud to begin with.......
    11-17-11 01:20 PM
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    errrrr, you know AP, I had it all typed out step by step in a post just in case someone else hit a hitch. And right before Submit my browser crashed. :/

    Heading out now, can address more later, but two things I recall, if relevant:
    That same gmail account is also the exchange account.
    And I had to set up a mobileme account about the same time I did iCloud, so it might have been related?

    Sorry that's vague, I'll rummage through later and see if I have notes or anything.
    11-17-11 01:25 PM
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    Cool no rush.

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    11-17-11 01:29 PM