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    IBM bans Siri: Privacy risk, or corporate paranoia at its best? | ZDNet

    IBM bans Siri for security reasons.

    "Summary: IBM has banned Siri over concerns Apple and its partners could actively read uploaded queries. Corporate paranoia at its finest, or is IBM right to ban the intelligent assistant?

    IBM has banned Siri on its corporate network citing reasons that it can’t trust the intelligent assistant to keep its virtual mouth shut.

    Despite the company having a strong bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, it has caused a few headaches on the corporate security side of things."

    06-15-12 06:13 AM
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    In DoD, iOS 4.x is the only allowed version of the software to test, similarly Android 2.2.2 on the Dell Streak 5/7 and Venue are the only approved Android devices. This is even with the GOOD client installed and running through the GOOD server. There are blatant security reasons for this
    06-15-12 06:18 AM
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    Yes when you do a Siri request it is taking audio doing text to speach, so when you do a request also background audio is picked up. Who knows what Apple does with the data. But with iCloud, Siri, iMessages, GPS etc. all going to Apples Data Center in NC, they could easily data mine all that information and figure out where you work, what you do, etc. Google is obviously data mining information on everyone that uses Android and its web offerings, because that is how they do targeted advertising. In the end it all depends on what a company wants to do with all that data and use it for benign or nefarious purposes. But I totally understand why IBM, or any company that may compete either directly or indirectly with Apple.
    06-15-12 07:18 AM
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    IBM should ban apple just because it's apple.
    06-15-12 07:25 AM
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    IBM should ban apple just because it's apple.
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    06-15-12 07:37 AM