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    Its whatever now to me. Why go on and on about this phone that isn't worth it to me, but worth to you. Its like a civil war when we all should be mutual and take down what's really important...(Your thought here). its just a phone anyway lol. They all do the same thing, its not like anyone could fight over who's picks up calls better, who's buttons respond quicker, who's camera sees dead people...etc. Jobs was right, the media does love a failure. Crackberry is the media lol. Plus I feel important, I think I told jobs what a fanboy was rotfl

    So there, you win!!!

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    07-20-10 09:30 PM
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    You're bored eh? LOL :-)

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    07-20-10 09:51 PM
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    So it sounds like your a BB fanboy by starting this thread...just saying.
    07-20-10 10:25 PM
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    Haha, no. Its just your threads are running together of the same thing, fun at first, just gets repetitive. How far is it gonna get before jobs brings back the pc vs mac, but this time it'll be bb vs iphone.
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    07-20-10 10:47 PM