1. santito7's Avatar
    please i need help right now i dont know what happen to my iphone and is like death but the apple thing is there when i try to turn it on and it looks like is loadin but than nothing comes on
    please i need help i try to do use itunes but it doesnt even read it
    some one get me on jairo2001sv please i want my iphone back
    08-10-09 10:16 PM
  2. zhelf's Avatar
    ok what you need to do is plug your phone into your computer and open itunes.

    then hold down the sleep/wake button and the home button for a few seconds then release the sleep/wake button but continue holding the home button

    you will get a popup on your itunes saying it has detected a phone in dfu mode would you like to restore. and say yes and do a restore and you will be good as new!
    08-10-09 10:29 PM
  3. sniffs's Avatar
    sometimes after a FW update or a restore, the apple logo shows for a very long time.. longer than normal.

    Have you sat and let it wait and do it's thing? If so and it still doesn't work, follow the instructions in the above post.
    08-11-09 01:01 PM