03-23-10 04:56 PM
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  1. phonejunky's Avatar
    Switch now!!
    03-23-10 02:58 PM
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    Been a BB lover for the past 4yrs and I made the switch Dec 31, 2009 to the 3GS and have not regret it.. I went from the BB8300 to BB9000 and finally to BB9700 and was always wanting an IPHONE but was afraid i couldnt type on it (i have long nails)..(my ex had the Droid and I loved typing on it, not a fan of VZW..since it was easy to type I got the 3GS since I was with ATT already) but it took me about a week to get used to the touchscreen. I dont have problems with dropped calls as that is an ATT issue not an Iphone..

    For Twitter apps the best so far IMHO is Tweetie 2. Yes SS is a fantastic app but with them being stingy on who gets the latest updates..you wouldnt know the difference..

    Pick a phone that is going to be best for you .. not just because its the Iphone.. if it suits your needs then go for it..
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    03-23-10 03:06 PM
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    Wow, nobody else has suggested Tweetie 2. :\ The best client I've ever used on both Mac and iPhone. Twitterrific is definitely my second favorite client though.

    I doubt the switch from physical keyboard to virtual keyboard will be very difficult to adjust to. The virtual keyboard is extremely easy to type on. It's pretty accurate and you barely have to push on the key at all, unlike a physical keyboard.
    I don't like the way Tweetie 2 retweets otherwise it would be a nice app mos def. I'm waiting for Simply Tweet to re-release their app. I went back and forth between the BB & iPhone for a minute until I finally decided I prefer the iPhones functionality over the the BB and I've stuck with it.
    03-23-10 04:56 PM
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