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    I got a new iPhone 4 today . I was just wondering if there was any way to transfer my contacts from my Blackberry to my iPhone without manually typing each one in?
    12-18-10 11:29 AM
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    congratulations! i will begetting an iphone 4 as well in a couple of weeks for my graduation present i searched around for a bit and from what i can tell, using google sync is probably your best method ( i think you need to have at least 1 google email account on your phones )

    sync contacts will save them on google then open google sync from iphone and sync contacts there they should save on the phone.

    another way to do it if you have windows is to sync using the desktop manager your adress book to outlook then sync your iphone through itunes to your outlook account and save the adressbook.

    again i havent tried these methods, i was just googling it to pass time until i actually get the phone.
    12-18-10 11:48 AM
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    And if you have a Mac, and save your contacts thru Desktop Manager it automatically from what I remember stores the contacts into your address book or play with the settings, point being when i went from my 9550 to my 3GS a year ago, everything went right into it... was pretty painless transition
    12-18-10 12:22 PM
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    This is what I did. You don't necessarily need Windows7 , Vista and XP will do

    Go here and have this setup on your BB desktop manager:

    You can configure that here (click Configure settings):

    Once your contacts trasnfered to your PC, connect your iphone4 (if haven't already and bring up Itunes.

    click on your phone on the left, and select "info" on the top menu bar.

    Whatever contact list you selected (windows, outlook, yahoo etc) select that to be syncronized with. Be aware that yahoo caused me problems and once I synchronized my contacts, I unchecked the syncronization, because it was creating double and triple -same contacts on my phone. I only synchronized once, and then I unchecked the synchronization for contacts.
    Now I synchronize with windows contacts, I would imagine most people go for google gmail or outlook.

    Once you done all that, click "Sync" on the bottom in the Itunes and there you go!
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    12-18-10 01:14 PM
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    I love the text Shadan! lol
    You can also do that with microsoft outlook if you have that installed.
    12-18-10 08:16 PM