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    dunno if its been posted but here it goes...

    ever uploaded photos but had no thumbnails and no way to delete other than to sync? do this (kinda long winded but works perfect)

    1. ssh into private/var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE with Winscp and upload the pictures *if you dont have a 100APPLE dir, make one.
    2. download a picture resizer/converter program....i use http://ivanview.com/ivimconv.exe you can probably use acdsee or something
    3. open Ivan Image Converter and click Batch mode.
    4. find the folder of photos you just sent to the iphone and highlight them all and add all
    5. then click "use advance options" and resize the photo to 60 by 60 pixles or whatever the thumbnail size is for a iphone lol i just use 60x60
    6. click the file format output to JPG and click the options image value to 40%
    7. Save the files to a folder on the C:/ drive IE. c:\pictures or c:\temp
    7. click convert
    8. this will create a bunch of files with the same name as the phtos as you sent to the iphone already but they are smaller
    9. Click on the windows Start Button click Run and type CMD..it will open up a dos box
    10. navigate your way to the directory where the small .jpg files are that you made from Ivan Image Converter. IE C:\pictures c:\temp
    11. then type ren *.jpg *.THM (has to be capitals)...this will rename all the jpg files in the temp directory to .THM files.
    12. ssh into the phone and go to the directory private/var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE and IF you dont have a dir called .MISC inside the 100APPLE dir, make one so it will look like private/var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE/.MISC/
    13. upload the .THM files you just made to the .MISC folder

    keep in mind the .jpg files you uploaded in the starting have to have the same file name as the .THM file IE bob.jpg in the 100APPLE folder and bob.THM in them 100APPLE/.MISC/ folder

    now turn on your iphone click on the photos icon and you will see a section called SAVED PHOTOS...open that and you will see all the photos you just added WITH thumbnails and a delete option

    all and all this sounds more complicated then it really is...this process takes about 10 mins and adds a delete option on the phone rather than syncing stuff through itunes which has no delte option on the phone

    have problems just post here ill try to answer when i have time

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    10-13-09 07:07 PM