09-27-12 10:00 PM
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  1. gwanstarr's Avatar
    Hmm, there seems to be a major battery issue with the iPhone 5, according to some reports on the Net (some lasting only 5 hrs or so with minimal use, as the claims go). Some are actually saying they're returning the iPhone 5 back. I suppose they don't give out numbers of how many were returned? Probably not many, I take it.

    I really hope BB will not run into this problem. That would be a major throwback.
    Probably the LTE and weak signal plus, larger screen, faster processor more ram all drain the batter more. Just a fact of life. This is why I want a phone that I can carry an extra battery around (even better if you can hot swap it!) or it has a nice large battery already designed into it like the razr maxx.

    The more power and faster speeds requires more power and speeds the battery consumption.

    Battery technology is not advancing very fast it seems in the areas of more power from a smaller lighter source.
    09-27-12 03:07 PM
  2. fundimotorsports's Avatar
    I tossed mine in trash! Along with my bold too. My kids have iphones but i got that tablet android phone. Love it. And faster then i5 lol
    09-27-12 10:00 PM
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