1. xnight's Avatar
    So i reformatted my computer, reinstalled itunes, synced my iphone and lost all my damn contacts, nothing in the bckup files to recover....... but i do still have my BB Desktop mangager installed in my wifes laptop with a fairly new backup file in there, from my Storm days.

    Is there a way that i can get the contacts from the backup file to outlook in the laptop and then install itunes and sync again without losing my contacts?

    Understand where im going here?

    i had over 400 hundred contacts that i do really need to recover.

    Thank you
    06-05-09 04:20 PM
  2. shawnomega's Avatar
    If you reformated without saving the data, its gone. This happened to me when I loaded the new OS for my storm. I lost all my contacts, but I wrote the important ones down, just in case.
    06-05-09 09:04 PM
  3. snat's Avatar
    how about giving this a go - sorry, with my post count, i can't post links - but google textfire.

    you can convert your .ipd file into, say, a csv file, and import the contacts from that into outlook and re-sync with your iphone.

    hope this helps
    06-11-09 01:37 AM