1. Coughs's Avatar
    Hello I am a iphone 3Gs user and I am thinking of moving to a 9700 on vodafone UK, firstly is vodafone good in UK, London Area for coverage and internet browsing.

    Hows the 9700 as I heard it has many problems but I assume they will get fixed with firmware updates?

    I would lilke everyone to give me reasons why I should convert to a BB from my iphone and I really am considering converting.
    11-27-09 03:22 PM
  2. dknyberry's Avatar
    You should probably ask the question in the Bold 9700 forum instead of the iPhone forum.
    11-27-09 07:43 PM
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    Please avoid creating similar threads in different/same sub-forums.


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    11-27-09 07:47 PM