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    I just recently(yesterday) bought a used 8GB 3G from Kijiji(Canada version of Craigslist) and I just thought i'd drop on by and say hello.

    I am coming from a long line of BlackBerry's: 8900, 9000, Storm 9530 and my current other device Storm 9550. I never had an interest whatsoever in IPhone in the past, but all this hype over Ios4 on Phone Dog and everything - I looked into it! I noticed an explosion of iPhone sales on Kijiji the last week and I figured, "What the ****," get a used version that won't break the bank, and get a little rounded experience. So I got a 200.00 3G!

    Now first off, when I bought it the guy told me it was "Unlocked" and "Jail Broken" - I have NO idea what this means or how it benefits me. Of course I googled everything well into 3 in the morning last night, lol, and don't get me started on how long it took me to learn - there are NO menu's and back buttons.

    I know I have the "ios4" and it has Multi-Tasking, as it's the double click(Saw that in PhoneDog video's) and I know to keep them relatively closed and managed for semi-optimum speed, so THAT I know.

    But mainly I am here saying:

    Sorry for the long rant/introduction
    And any comments or suggestions on apps, performance, workings - things I may not know would be appreciated!
    07-30-10 12:42 PM
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    Jailbroken and unlocked are a good thing, but be careful of what apps you install on there since some of the apps meant for jailbroken phones can be malicious (friend of mine with his 3GS found that out). Everything on Apple phones are driven by icons, go to settings if you want to find application configurations (not all of them has it), I'm pretty sure you'll figure it all out very quickly, Apple's OS isn't hard to use.
    07-30-10 01:04 PM
  3. NoKittyNo's Avatar
    Thanks for that, good to know!
    07-30-10 03:37 PM