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    Just as the title reads, my mother recently bought an iphone and since she is not tech savvy, shes come to me to help her out. I've done quite a bit of research but I am having trouble finding the solutions. Mainly because I don't know the terminology since I use a blackberry. If you could help me out (so I can take all the credit) that would be great. Here are the problems.

    1) Since the Iphone doesn't have an LED indicator light, there doesn't seem to be a way to know if a phone call, sms etc. was missed if you leave the room and come back. Aside from hitting the home key of course. So I downloaded Missed Call from the app store but it doesn't seem to work. Since the phone cant run apps in the background, it has to be opened before you lock the phone, and even than it doesn't seem to work consistently. Is there another solution? Will Jailbreaking help me with this problem? (3gs running 3.1)

    2) I cant get her yahoo rogers email account to push or fetch. You have to open the email app to check for messages. I've looked for an app but have only found a gmail push app. Again, is there a solution i am overlooking? I've read that Yahoo does indeed Push email to those who have an iphone with rogers and yahoo pushes to my berry very well.

    Any input would be great.
    09-13-09 01:26 PM
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    If you go to this site, they will be able to help you. There are hacks and 3rd party apps that does what you want:
    You will also find lots of helpful people there...
    09-13-09 01:37 PM