12-14-09 09:39 AM
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  1. Fatal3ty's Avatar
    I have a iPhone 3G. Blackberry is better than iPhone 3G and is my favorite Phone.

    iPhone - no Bluetooth data transfer, mistake copy and paste, no mobile me = no direct push, no hardware keyboard and no multitasking
    12-12-09 03:44 PM
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    lol like a walking talking BB advertisement...
    12-13-09 07:41 PM
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    I have both the BB Storm and the iPhone 3Gs. Here are my thoughts on both...

    BB Storm
    1-Great for BES (e-mail, Communicator 2007, calendar and contacts) if you work for a corporation with Microsoft Exchange servers, then there is no comparison to BB. The tools are simply outstanding and to be honest, it's what it is truly meant for.

    2-Data encryption and compression is another plus for BB

    3-BBM! Basically there is nothing like it on any phone

    4-LED light is a welcomed feature, which tells you if you have a message or you have blu-tooth connectivity as stuff.

    5-themes, though they have caused memory leaks and other issues, it's good to know you have the ability to fully customize your desktop


    Strictly speaking about my Storm 1 experience

    1-Sluggish and buggy OS, it's been over a year now and RIM has yet to release a good OS for my Storm, even the newly released 5.0 has it's issues

    2-The poor memory management of BB absolutely suxs, they tried to fix the memory issue with Storm 2, but it's still an issue in how much memory is alocated to apps vs OS etc.

    3-Sure press sux donkey balls

    4-Media management isn't anywhere near as complete or as clean as iPhone. Photo browsing is sluggish. Lacking many features.

    5-No wifi. Storm 2 however has Wifi

    1-iPod is second to non

    2-OS is smooth unlike any phone I have experienced. Even Android or Windows Mobile, sure blows my BB to **** and back.

    3-Tons and tons of apps

    4-The ability to set up multiple e-mails with push capability

    5-SMS and MMS

    6-I was able to download an App called BeeJive which keeps me logged on to Windows Live (MSN) with push. So I have Live and SMS. more than I need

    7-Camera is very fast and responsive

    8-Compass, though I haven't used it, I know it will come in handy one day.



    1-Microsoft exchange is Active Sync only, which is why it cannot be used in an enterprise environment

    2-Battery life lasts only a day, god help you if you have Wifi and Blu-Tooth enabled at the same time, while watching a movie via iPod.

    3-Lack of Enterprise based applications like Microsoft Communicator 2007 etc.

    4-Lack of true Multitasking

    5-the screen resolution could have been better

    6-only 3.2 megapixels on the camera with no flash

    7-lack of a true secure network like BB

    8-cannot apply any themes

    9-No dedicated messenger service like BBM

    Now, I know if you jail break the iPhone it can do sooo much more, I just bought the thing. Need to get comfortable before I can do anything. Apple should rethink it's approach and offer features that are otherwise available when you unlock it.

    I have both, and I am keeping both
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    I ditched my iPhone for a BB Storm. I don't see what my BB can't do that my iPhone can.
    I have both and the biggest problem is Apps.

    I know the App World is growing every day but until developers don't bring their apps from the iphone to BB i'll keep using my iPhone next to my BB.

    2nd thing is the Safari Browser.
    and 3rd: Media playback.

    RIM needs to focus on those three things in the future since they are now targeting consumers.
    12-14-09 09:39 AM
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