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    EDIT: Got it, Refer below for steps.

    Ok, So I have my SSH up and running, and can view my phone files and everything. Now, I find a sound I like and change it to new-mail.caf . So I save the other file as a back up, and rename it so it doesnt interfere. I overwrite the file on my phone with the same name (but the new sound) . So I re-spring and send my self an email, and I get no sound at all. Ive tried restarting the phone as well. No dice. So I take the original file, rename it back to new-mail.caf, and place it back on the phone, and re-spring, and the original sound works.

    Thanks Nick

    iPhone 4 - VZW - Jailbroken with GP.
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    Ill do a little write up just for those who are interested or having the same issuesThese steps should work with any .caf file (i.e. Alarm, SMS, Email, etc. You must just know the name of the file.)

    First Off, I am not responsible for you messing up your phone, deleting files, etc. Proceed at your own risk!

    These directions are for changing your E-Mail notification. If you are changing something else (i.e. Alarm, SMS, etc, the file names may/will be different). There directions are for Windows, but would be comparable on a Mac.

    Requirements - You Must be Jailborken. You Must have OpenSSH installed through Cydia on your iPhone. You must have WinSCP (or comparable) Installed on your Computer. You SHOULD have a clear understanding of what SSH is and how it operates.

    Needed Files:

    WinSCP File

    GreenPois0n File for Jailbreak

    To install OpenSSH on your iPhone, go to Cydia > Search > OpenSSH > Install.


    1. Download File you are interested in to your computer. (Should Be Short/Small File) Mine is 6 Seconds.

    2. Play File in iTunes.

    3. After it has finished playing, go to Edit > Preferences

    4. In Preferences, look for the Import Settings about half way down next to the CD play info.

    5. Click Import Settings, then use the Drop Down bar where is says "Import using ACC" and change it to "Import Using AIFF" .

    6. Ok/Accept back out to the iTunes Primary Folder.

    7. Find the file you want, and highlight it.

    8. Once clip is selected, click Advanced (in top bar) > Create AIFF Version. It will produce another file in the folder, an AIFF file.

    9. Copy the AIFF File and paste it in the folder you like (or desktop).

    10. Right click and change your file extension from .aif to .caf .

    11. Now, use WinSCP (or like program) and SSH your iPhone.

    11A. To find out your Host Name for WinSCP, on your iPhone go to Settings > Wifi > Network Name (Click the Blue Arrow). Your Host Name will be your IP. The User Name is root and the Password is alpine . Click Login.

    12. On your phone side (right), you should automatically be brought into /private/var/root . You want to back out to < /root .

    13. Then, follow this file sequence. /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/ and you should see a long list of .caf and other files.

    14. (Optional, but I recommend it). Find the new-mail.caf (or whatever file you are changing, and copy it. Then minimize the program and past it somewhere you know where it will be just in case as a back up. I guess you could probably rename the one on the phone side to a .bak file or something before you transfer and keep it on the phone. But I do not know as I have not tried it that way.

    15. Now, on the left side (computer), navigate your way to where you made your earlier .caf file. Right click the file and name it to "new-mail.caf" or whatever file you are replacing.

    16. Now, Drag the file from the left side (computer) to the right side (phone). Click Ok and wait for transfer.

    17. After transfer is complete, Exit the program on the computer.

    18. Go into Winterboard and Re-Spring your phone (or Power Off then Power On).

    Your new notification should now be working. Email yourself to test. Any info, just shoot me a PM and Ill try to help.

    Thanks Nick (D2)
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