1. cobra302's Avatar
    i just got an iphone monday, i know i know i should have waited, but i'm on a business acct, so getting one to begin with was a chore. anyway, i noticed when i got it that on the bottom right hand portion of the screen, there was a gel like substance that was stuck inbetween the screen and the bezel. i tried to pull it out, but it wont come out. later that night, i was in bed using my phone and noticed that i could see light coming from the screen near the volume keys. i've got a small gap so to speak between the screen and bezel near the volume keys that i can actually see the light from the phone on. my wife just got an iphone a day after me, and i checked hers. it doenst do that. i think that maybe there was a defect and the screen was put on a litle off. that gel like stuff i think is the culprit maybe. i called att and got apple, i've got an appt to go to an apple store and get another phone i guess on tuesday. anyone else know, or have something like this happen? the apple rep said that he had heard of a few defects like this before.
    06-14-09 06:03 PM
  2. Hey-man's Avatar
    can you post a pic ????
    06-14-09 07:35 PM
  3. cobra302's Avatar
    i'll try, i've got to get a hold of my wifes camera. its not a real bad space, but i figured that for the price paid, and the overall quality of the phone, i shouldnt take any chances. i'd hate for a year to go by before it decided it was going to completly come apart or something.
    06-15-09 12:35 AM
  4. Duvi's Avatar
    Definitely a defect. Never had that happen though.... thank god I've had all good phones.
    06-15-09 01:43 AM
  5. cobra302's Avatar
    well, i never got a chance to post a pic, but just got back today from the apple store. i live 2 hours away from one, so it was pretty much an all day affair. anyway, i got there and spoke with my genius bar guy. he said that this was normal on an iphone. he showed me his and said that you cant always see the gap in his phone, but that he has one too. he said the little piece of rubber i saw is the gasket for the screen. i told him that it probably shouldnt be poking out like that. he then told me that he could cut it out for me. said that he could replace the screen, or give me another phone. i told him that i drove 2 hours one way to get to the store, get me another phone. he did and this one is def better. the home screen button even feels different. the other one felt like it had a really large lip all the way around. this one is smooth and flush with the screen. anyway, just thought i would update and say that i am pleased now.
    06-16-09 11:48 PM