1. suejim's Avatar
    I have just purchased a Riccio ISP 30 ipad 2 apple approved docking station with speakers from Amazon.
    Frstly it does not work with an ipad 2. I gave up in the end as the ipad 2 was getting scratched in the process. There was no problem with Amazon and it is being ollected tomorrow.It is advertised as being compatible but I am not the only person that has found that it is not.
    After I used google to search the iPad2 docking station with speaker("IPEGA Charger Docking Station + Stereo Speaker For iPad 2 Apple iPhone 3G 4G iPod",this original produce title) again,found this produce price only $59.99 from a China wholesale online store called tatamall.com. the price is so lower,But I don't know whether they have some quality problems? Maybe someone has purchased from this website before? Tell me sth about it.Thx.
    12-30-11 02:03 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    I haven't, but I'll bump your thread up in case someone has info that may help you out.
    12-30-11 10:48 PM
  3. TGR1's Avatar
    Are you saying the same product has a much lower price at the tatamall than at another site?

    If so, I would be very wary. For one thing, it is highly possible the very cheap product is a knockoff of questionable quality with a warranty not worth a dime. Google " tatamall reviews" as well to see if other people have used them and had good experiences. You have to be careful buying on Amazon as well, BTW. They carry crappy knockoffs of many items and it can be very difficult to tell. I have found the reviews very useful.
    01-01-12 06:03 PM