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    Intro: - Skip if you just want to jump into the guide.
    After a long and hard decision, I bought my iPhone about a month ago and love it. What I didn't like was the lack of creative liberty apple allows us. I jailbroke it the weekend after I got it and never turned back. The learning curve for all the terms and methods of doing things wasn't too long, but it took some patience and room for error.

    The one thing most people don't know, or don't know how to do is change the sounds the iPhone makes on different occasions such as receiving a new text message, a new email, the low battery alert, etc., etc.

    Of course there's stock sounds, but personally, I only like the defaults, the alternates are god-awful and hurt my ears. I recently heard this song I really liked by one of my favorite artists, Lights and found a part of it that I wanted to make my SMS tone, but I was unsure of how to go about doing this, even 5 second "ringtones" don't show up as SMS tones!

    Here are the things you'll need:
    -An iPhone! (Why would I mention this you may ask? Because it must be jailbroken!)
    -USB cable to connect to computer.
    -Some knowledge of SSHing files to the iPhone (if you don't know what this is I'll try my best to help you out/explain later on).
    -iTunes & a music file you want.
    -iFunBox or any SSHing app you prefer.

    Note: Avoid making the files over 5-10 seconds in length, or you'll regret it in the future! 30 second ringtones for calls is fine, but I'd go crazy if my phone was singing that long for an SMS!

    People that have jailbroken iPhones skip this bit:
    Okay, after you've checked all those things off your list let me explain how this works. You'll need to jailbreak to be able to run programs called "mobile substrates" that apple does not authorize, they run in the background just like the mail app and the iPod popup message.
    Note: I am in NO way condoning piracy, which is what many people jailbreak for.
    Jailbreaking is easy, and rest assured it is safe, and legal, although it may or may not void your warranty (there are ways to undo it).

    People that know how to SSH skip this bit:
    You've jailbroken! Whew! Now you need to learn how to SSH, which is as easy as dragging and dropping files, honestly. It stands for secure shell, it allows you to move/change/delete/replace files within the raw file system of your iPhone.
    This is the I watched to learn how to SSH, very helpful, straightforward and short!

    Now to the guide! It's about time!
    1) First, find an audio file and clip it with whatever tool you wish, audacity, iTunes, ringtone making sites.

    Here's a ringtone making site: Audiko
    2) Once you've clipped your song, add the file to iTunes.
    3) Picture time!! Here's what you have to do in iTunes, go to edit, click "Preferences". Click "Import Settings" on the General tab. In the dropdown menu, select AIFF Encoder.

    4) Hit ok, exit out of there and return to the file you added to iTunes, and right click it, select "Create AIFF Version"

    5) It'll convert, when it's done, drag the file out of iTunes to your desktop.
    6) Open any folder, and on the top bar click Tools -> Folder Options. (If you're on Vista or Windows 7 you'll need to hit the ALT button before you see that bar display).
    7) Uncheck where it says "Hide extensions for known file types".

    Hit ok, exit out of the folder.
    8) Return to the file on your desktop, you should see next to the name .aiff or .aif is written as the extension. Rename the extension to .caf, when it asks if you're sure, select yes.

    Now to move this to your phone!
    9) Open up iFunBox and navigate to iPhone -> Raw File System -> System -> Audio -> UI Sounds

    10) There you'll find *.caf files, and what you want to do is find one called "sms-received6.caf" rename this to something you'll remember in the future, you could add a .old to the end or whatever you'll like (this is just in case you ever want this tone back, it corresponds with the "Electronic" tone in your iPhone:

    You could alternatively rename one of the other tones, personally I only care for the tri-tone.
    11) Now go back to the file you want to use on your desktop, and rename it to "sms-received6" (leave the extension as .caf which you changed earlier).
    12) Drag the file into the UISounds Folder and respring your phone (SBSettings does this, Winterboard does this, but it's probably not necessary. If you're scared, just turn your phone off and turn it back on, although you don't need to once you exit the settings app and re-enter it.)
    13) Apply the "Electronic" tone as your new SMS tone and you're done!

    Note: You can change any of the sounds, some are not-changeable by the iPhone's settings such as the low battery sound etc., but by replacing/renaming the file in the UISounds folder, you're changing it.

    I spent some time on this guide, haven't proofread it because I'm doing Trig homework now.. lol, but if you found this helpful please let me know with a thank you!
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    extremely helpful and its been asked in many forums......

    Thank you
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    extremely helpful and its been asked in many forums......

    Thank you
    No problem , I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible.
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    thank you very much, be trying this on our demo tomorrow
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    awsome!!!! you are my hero!!
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    You're welcome guys, glad I helped.
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