09-17-09 07:52 AM
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  1. Duvi's Avatar
    Actually it's still being held hostage by AT&T until the 25th
    Incorrect... "actually" it should be rolled completed rolled out by Aug 25th, but everyone can pretty much have it now. The 25th will be automatic, but it can manually be done before that... heck, I've had MMS since beta 2 on my 3G in March.

    Completely disagree. My Curve 8330, 8900, Bold 9000, and Tour 9630 all have very nice cameras. Not as good as a stand alone digital camera but more than good enough for web and make decent 4x6 prints
    I've had/used everyone of those device (as well as some other unmentioned ) and the flash is near useless. If the BlackBerry had Xenon flash, then you'd have a point.

    I'm already paying $30 for the data plan, the same as the BB data plan. I should not have to pay MORE for a feature that comes standard on BB.
    You can get those features free without the need of MobileMe. I also rather look at rich, crisp HTML emails on the iPhone.

    Except that with the BB I am not REQUIRED to use Roxio, I can use media player or any other app that managers music players pretty much. Also I do think that iTunes is worse, entire computer slows to a crawl when it is running.
    I love having one application handle everything I need.

    And completely ruing the look of the phone. :-(

    Umn, proprietary means that only one company (Apple) uses it and this is the case here. Other accessory manufacturers use it on their accessories and docks but ONLY to be compatible with iPod/iPhone. No other phone or MP3 player uses it, therefor it IS proprietary.

    MicroUSB OTOH is on it's way to being the universal standard for cel phones (per the EU which is pushing for a single standard) RIM, Samsung, LG, and otheres are all onboard Apple need to join the party.
    I wouldn't be surprised if more homes had an iPod/iPod cable than they do the mini usb ports that the 8900, Storm & Tour have.

    Um yeah I know. So basically you hack the phone destroying what little security the device already has, and then install an app that then has to be removed (or will automatically be removed) with the next OS update. I know Apple is about as slow at OS updates as Verizon with official BB updates, but still that's a pain.
    Apple pumps out a crap load of updates when needed.... the thing is, they aren't. It's usually to add features and bugs that most people never see. Storm 1, completely different story... barely any official updates, but they're needed, asap.
    09-15-09 10:56 PM
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    How did you get out of your VZW contract to get the iPhone or did you just get a new number on AT&T?? I have the Tour right now and am seriously considering changing to AT&T and the iPhone. It does mean that I would no longer be on the family plan and getting those deals but I think that the change of network and the iPhone would be worth it.
    09-16-09 07:07 PM
  3. dchawk81's Avatar
    I don't think I could handle not having pushed email. The ability to respond to emails almost immediately is certain to help me pull in new clients, and I don't have to be OCD about it. I can be more productive.

    But that's what the BB is mostly geared towards -- productivity rather than killing time.
    09-17-09 01:39 AM
  4. Entertainment72's Avatar
    I have push e-mail for iPhone.. works great!
    09-17-09 07:52 AM
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