11-12-11 03:24 PM
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  1. NFLPLAYBOOK's Avatar
    This is kind of pot calling the kettle black stuff going on in here. THE BATTERY ON THE 9900/9930 IS APPALLING!!
    I use the same battery in the 9860. I'm getting great battery life and that's with touchscreen only.
    10-31-11 08:01 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    My iPhone 4S lasts longer then my 9900 battery -- I have no real complaints about it at all.
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    11-01-11 07:01 AM
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    Yep, because the iP4S doesn't have any changes to the antenna structure at all which would fix any possible issues users might have had
    Hmm, the antenna issue got fixed with the iPhone 4S.
    yah it did get fixed in the 4s, but u have to realize that the 4s is a totally different model!!

    that's just like saying go buy the newer model to fix your issues!! there;s no logic in that....

    what about those people that bought the 4? or the people that are buying the 4 even right now at lower prices cause they can't afford the 4s?

    don't u see how messed up that mentality is? with any company! with any customer service related company! yes we can't get away from it, but any defect in hardware that causes issues SHOULDDD be recalled..

    u say what about blackberries? well u get a bad BB and u return it and u can get one that functions correctly... for an iphone4 u return it cause u have antenna issues, no matter how many times u exchange it u'll still have issues.. therefore it should have been recalled .. but i guess it woulda cost too much or whatever the variables were to not recall it.. easier to bandaid it with a rubber band...unfortunate.

    "yah i bought a shirt and it has a hole in it.."
    "ok we have this new shirt that just came in that doesn't have a hole... but u gotta buy it!"

    "yah hmm Mr. Toyota .. my BRAKES don't work..."
    "really?? oh well we have the 2012 model where the brakes do work.. u can buy that at full price"

    "yah my ip4 has antenna issues and i just bought it for $500.."
    "it's ok.. u can now buy the ip4s where it's fixed with a new antenna structure.. but it costs $700"
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    11-01-11 08:55 AM
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    Are you guys that jobless. Just let the mods do their job and decide where it goes. On the other hand, some people want to know why that's happening, even if we don't use iPhones.
    11-01-11 08:56 AM
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    This is kind of pot calling the kettle black stuff going on in here. THE BATTERY ON THE 9900/9930 IS APPALLING!!
    really? i wake up at 6:45am and put it back on the charger at 12:00am

    i;m still at 25% .... that's pretty good to me! if it lasts me all day then it's good enough for me..
    11-01-11 09:25 AM
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    Moderators do their job and they are under the mobile nation flag (check the top of the page for concerned devices). I'll bet they won't play with unfair treatment, as they may not will shoot themselves a bullet in the foot.
    I never said they didn't do their job. All I said was the negative articles sit in inappropriate sections of the forums for longer periods of time than the positive ones.

    This does not mean they are not doing there jobs, and I never said they weren't. It was just something I noticed, and it is most likely because they have a lot more people reporting the positive threads to be moved than they do the negative threads, which is easy to figure out why.
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    11-01-11 10:06 AM
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    My 4S has been off the charger for 22 hours and 25 minutes. I've used it heavily (Words With Friends, Twitter, Facebook, texting, internet browsing, email, etc.), aside from the few hours the phone sat idle when I was sleep, and it's at 28% right now. I'd say the battery is great.

    I charge it once a day, which to me is perfectly acceptable with all the capabilities and the amazing screen display. If I didn't touch the dang thing it could last me two days, but now what's the fun in that?
    11-01-11 12:31 PM
  8. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    isn't the issue due to auto updating of the time zone??
    Most of the articles I've read have blamed that as the culprit. It's an easy fix to turn off the auto update. I turned mine off, but I also never had a problem with the battery on my 4S.

    My battery is fine. On par, if not better than my 9800. I have a charger at work, home, and in the car. As far as I'm concerned, it's a non-issue.
    It's not one for me, either. When the phone needs to be charged, I charge it.

    I have the same. On normal usage, the chargers wouldn't be needed, but if you're streaming radio all day and such its nice to have them around.
    I do stream radio all day. IT at work blocks all sites that stream radio or TV shows. I listen 8+ hours a day and if I didn't have my dock at work, I'd be dead by lunch.

    pretty sure most people have chargers at work, home and the car. its pretty dumb not to actually
    Amen! After dealing with a tornado back in April that left me without power for 4 days, I had no way to charge my phone if I wasn't at work and for the first 2 days, I couldn't get out of my driveway because of a downed tree.

    Everyone I knew called me the night after it happened to make sure I was okay, and that killed my battery in record time. After it died, I was phoneless. A quick trip to the store to get a charger fixed that. Now, any phone I get, I get a car charger just for that reason alone. Not to mention, it's a safety issue. You just never know.
    11-02-11 08:25 AM
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    its so funny when you guys fight over people making posts that "already exist". its a ******* forum dude. grow up.
    11-02-11 10:29 AM
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    Seems the update works for some, but many claim that it doesn't or even makes things worse. Apple is just as clueless as everyone else. Just posting for those that have been following the saga.

    "Complaints Continue After Apple iOS 5.01 Update"

    Complaints Continue After Apple iOS 5.01 Update - Forbes
    11-12-11 11:15 AM
  11. jebulls's Avatar
    Mine has been pretty good so far! Way better than the 9930 i tried. Right now its at 1 hour 56 minutes of usage and 8 hours 18 minutes of stand by and I have 69 % left in the tank. Would I like a little more......sure but overall its pretty great! To me, it sounds like some bad batteries are floating around out there! But from 5 to 5.0.1 I saw very little change!
    11-12-11 03:24 PM
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