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    We use it often. Currently my significant other is TDY in Virginia for 3 weeks. FaceTime has allowed her to see our 3 year old daily. My little girl loves showing mommy her room, the fish and whatever else her little mind dreams up. It's a nice feature and works great. And its FREE!! Can't imagine owning another phone that doesn't have this capability.
    09-18-11 02:35 AM
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    your right nokia had it 1st on the e71 but the issue there is that phone was not offered by any carrier in the united states(that i know of). You had to buy the phone directly from nokia for 600+ dollars then pop in your sim card.

    they sold almost 500 million of them but 75% of those sales were international.
    ...and even then, hardly anyone made use of the feature... but theres no denying Apple came along and made video calls a talking point again...

    People that use the argument that Nokia and such had video call capabilities years back, never really explore the situation... Point blank, the reason I think video calls never took off the first time, was because it would have been too damn expensive back then running on 2g networks... plus the phone cam quality was nothing like they are today.

    ..tbh even today carriers are still unsupportive. So until that changes, the mass consumer will never experience the true benefits of video calling.

    Although I can personally say FaceTime is amazing, being jailbroken, it DEFINITELY helps...as I am also able to make calls when not on wifi thats where I utilise it most.

    oh and heres my example of one of the many helpful uses...

    My parents were shopping for a rug from the local carpet supplier who offered them one at a discount, problem was; it was deadstock and the last one he had, therefore told them they could try it in their home first to see if it fit with the decor... they took the rug home and as my little nephew was with them who owns a iPod touch 4G, they used it to call me at work to get my opinion...as I was helping them decorate at the time... so due to FaceTime was able to give them proper feedback there and then...again this was over 3G mind. But just little things like that made me feel chuffed to bits!
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