1. sivan's Avatar
    Curious to hear from those who use Opera Mini on the iPhone. I understand it's not as polished as Safari, but I presume it's faster, especially on EDGE.

    Is this the case? Anyone preferring it over Safari as their regular browser?

    I know it's not possible to set Opera Mini as the default browser on the iPhone unless it's jailbroken. I'm mostly interested in the scenario of say, using Twitter and opening links in Opera Mini. How much of a hassle is that? On the BlackBerry Twitter client I can choose to open in a new Opera Mini tab right from the popup menu when clicking on a link in a tweet. I like the speed and convenience of that on the BlackBerry especially on EDGE. For that kind of reading, mostly news and blogs on the go, I don't mind the formatting that much.

    I'm interested in any other observations.
    06-28-10 06:10 PM
  2. crackvegas78's Avatar
    IMHO it freaking sucks. It was cool on blackberry since you almost had to have it to make use of the web, but compared to Safari it sucks.
    06-29-10 12:14 AM