1. eeyore6802's Avatar
    I'm on a website trying to log on and it tells me it can't logon because it can't find the cookie-any ideas how I adjust this?

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    12-18-09 06:44 PM
  2. mofoahh's Avatar
    try going to settings->safari->accept cookies-> set to always. See if that helps.
    If your tryin to do something with banking, i wouldn't suggest you using your iphone for that kinda stuff. just my 2 cents.
    12-22-09 12:59 PM
  3. eeyore6802's Avatar
    Thanks I checked that setting and it was already set to that so not sure why that one website wasn't working.
    12-23-09 08:47 PM
  4. mofoahh's Avatar
    what kind of website are you trying to get on to?? i hope not a bankin website?
    12-29-09 01:00 PM