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    Ok, one other question before I move on....my wife and I have a business together and share two email accounts that we both get on our blackberry's. One is a verizon POP3 account the other is hotmail.

    If I were to get an iphone and she remains on blackberry, would we still have no email problems? For example, would opening an email on the iphone wipe the email from our computer server and/or her blackberry if the iphone email was opened first?
    If you use POP3, then you will NOT have 2 way sync - meaning if you read an email on your iphone, it will still be unmarked on the inbox on the computer....if you however set it up as an exchange or even imap, then yes, you will be able to have that functionality. You can also set it to where if you delete on the iphone, it trashes the message instead of archiving it.

    I know with gmail this is very easy - I don't recall if hotmail has imap support (i think paid version does? ) but I set up my hotmail and it automatically sets up as a pop account...
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    Thanks kazmi, you've been very helpful. I really appreciate it!

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    The iPhone is better for email, in my opinion, mainly for HTML emails and attachments.

    Better handling, period...

    On a side note, if you have a 'personal business', you might want to look into Google Apps. This will give you a personal domain, email address of choice, and thus you can have GMail Exchange setup on multiple devices; seamless...
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    I just wanted to chime in here...I just switched over to the iphone last week after having used bb's since the days of the good ol blue trackwheel bb....Please don't think this is a bb vs iphone post...I really want people like me who want to switch from a bb to the iphone to understand the pros and cons....

    You will need to jailbreak the iphone and then add quite a few apps from the get go to get the same level of options as an out-of-the-box blackberry.

    Also, I had 6 email accounts configured on my bb (some were pop, some imap) and all were push with almost instant if not sooner than desktop inbox delivery. On the iphone, I can only configure 1 exchange account (since both my work emails - we have 2 divisions - use google apps domain email and the settings get rejected when you use m.google.com for both email servers.....

    Some of the issues that a blackberry user will see:

    • individual email signatures for each account - you will need an app
    • intrusive pop-up notifications - you will need an app
    • attachments (as mentioned above) in emails.
    • no native solution for documents viewing/editing - need to buy Docs 2 Go to be able to do that
    • no way to rotate a PDF document which you have received in an email - again, either you need an app or you turn the phone upside down!
    • cannot flag an email for follow up later on - probably is an app for that but I have not found it
    • ability to enter conference call info in the calendar for meetings so that the reminder has a 'join' icon
    • no native Tasks app!!!!
    • miss BBM

    With that said, the OS is very fluid, with almost no lag...the virtual keyboard is excellent, and you do get used to typing on it pretty darn quick. The media side of things is where the iphone shines - be it web, twitter or even the google search app....and also, the apps!!! boy are there apps...there is probably an app for all the issues I have listed above but I have not found them yet!

    Again, people need to really decide what they need from their device and then go for one or the other...both have their strong points/weaknesses.
    LOL at Apple basically addressing all of this a week later.

    Also...don't forget the Rich Text formatting.

    I mean...The choice is either Android or Apple at this point.
    06-06-11 08:34 PM
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    Based on what I see in my Ipod Touch email setup, I can't see anyway to hide an email account folder or for that matter any folder on an Ipod Touch or Iphone. Is there an app for that too or am I just missing something?
    06-07-11 11:58 AM
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    my point was exactly this: I dont mean to start a bb vs iphone thing here, merely want people who have been using bbs to understand what it will take to get the iphone to work the same...yes, in some ways, it works far better...in others, it completely doesn't...the new iOS still has no mention of multiple email signatures, a mark all read or delete all option....i mean, try deleting 80 emails from your iphone!!!! And again, RIM is expected to release OS7, so at this stage, I'm using my iphone but keeping an eye out on the new OS7 offerings...

    @johnts, I don't see any option in the native settings to hide a folder...don't know if there's an app for it either....
    06-07-11 01:21 PM
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